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ic inbox ;;

If you're looking for me, I'm out. Drop me a message, and I'll get back to you when I feel like it.
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You okay, princess?
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[Helpful. Who taught her to answer like that?


You need something?
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[That won't work when he actually cares.]

What do you need?

Is Riley okay?
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Is her dad good or bad?

Granted. But what do you need?
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Where are you?
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Can I check in?

[He wants to check on her - them - but he's also aware that just barging into a teenager's room is creepy no matter the context.]
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[So it isn't long after that Leonard first knocks the door, then walks right in, given he's already been given the go ahead. He closes the door behind him quietly then leans back against it as he looks around the room, eyes briefly on the sleeping Riley before settling on Maya instead.]

Tough couple of days.
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I never really trust "fine".

[He stays by the door at first, but then pushes away from it so he can stand closer to her, his hand by his side, thumb touching his little finger.]

You didn't get hurt, did you?
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[He has to smirk at the mention of wallet lifting, but then he just nods.]

From what I gather, my mirror is nice too. Go figure. I always thought I'd be the evil twin.
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Hard to protect anyone from life. Tends to just happen.

[He glances over at Riley for a moment before looking at Maya.]

What about you, princess? Doubt you like it either.
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It's a route to go down, you know. Acting like nothing can touch you.

[It's certainly been his route. He moves his hand to hold the opposite elbow loosely, taking a step so he can lean against the desk.]

You think that's your route?
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You're human, Maya. Caring doesn't make you weak. Just means you're a decent person. Just means you can understand your friend enough to be there for her. You don't want to stop feeling.

[If he was anyone else, he might have reached out to put a hand on her shoulder by this point, but instead he just pats himself down and pulls out a pack of gum to hold out for her.]
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And it's okay to not be fine, too. Even if you say you are.

[She'd been listening. And she finally decides to add her own two cents, because while she's had a hard time coping herself, she knows when Maya isn't doing too well too.]

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