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ic inbox ;;

If you're looking for me, I'm out. Drop me a message, and I'll get back to you when I feel like it.
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text; I AM ALSO GETTING BACK TO THE REST OF THINGS, but I didn't want to forget this

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Princess. Check outside your door.

[What's outside her door, in a paper bag, is this, a golden chain with a golden pendant in the shape of a snowflake on it, encrusted with diamonds. Obviously he couldn't buy or steal it, not at a place like this, but he put a lot of thought into the choice. The shape, the colour, the diamonds.

And the hope that it might be enough to just jolt her into talking to him again.]
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text; HI

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Damn, princess, that would be January/December three decades apart, don't creep me out.

[Never has he ever be so relieved that even his younger, lost one self wasn't going to go there.]

Forget what this place makes us be sometimes. Just a gift from me to you. No weirdness.
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Smart. Love the cynicism.

[That's not sarcasm, he really does.]

When I was twenty-something, I robbed a small antiquity store near where I lived. Not a big deal, actually a very small deal. I tend to go after bigger targets. But they had earrings there. Looked a little like what I just got you. Gold, snowflakes, the diamonds were fake, but you get the picture.

Used to walk by there when I took my sister to the park. She really liked them. Has a thing for gold, my sis. She was going through a rough time then. About your age and not a lot of reason to smile in my family.

You like the necklace?
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Then I want you to have it.

And you don't hate me, either?
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Don't know. Why would you hate my gift to you?

Relax, princess. About the mess that happened too. Want to meet up? I got something cool to show you.
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[That's just fine and dandy with him, honestly. So functional and well adjusted.]

Sparring area, if you'll meet me there.
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Give him a minute.]

Tell you what, princess.

[And that's a knock on her door.]
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Nah. This was just faster.

[He's also not typing out directions when he can just walk a bit instead. Old-fashioned.]

Besides, I can show you here.

[That said he puts his hand on the handle of his gun. Given that his gun is this it's not exactly easy to miss.]
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[Congrats, Maya, you befriended an action anti-villain.]

If you're careful.

[He draws the gun, facing it away from her and then lowering the barrel, just in case.]

Don't touch the core. It's not active right now, but it's still cold.
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I know.

[Hey, he loves his gun. There's a reason he kidnapped went to the same guy twice to get it just right.]

Want to see it in action?
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M-hm. Stay behind me princess.

[That said he powers up the gun and pulls his glasses out of his pocket. He considers for a moment, then he hands the glasses to her, gesturing so she'll put them on.]

Without them, the glare would hurt your eyes.

[And, yes, he has set off explosions to walk away from without looking back before.

But now he just aims the cold gun at the opposite wall with one hand, turning his own head to the side to keep his vision safe as well. He fires the gun, absolute zero hitting the wall and the lamp hanging off it. He doesn't feel too bad, the mansion seems to have a habit of repairing itself.

Len lowers his gun and looks over his shoulder at Maya, smirking.]

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No. That's a weapon, Maya. If you want a toy, how about you get an ice cream maker?

[He does put the gun down to an even lower setting, just in case he really can't talk her out of it.]

I like chocolate.
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No, but ice cream is good.

[He holds the gun up and away from her with one hand.

It's not much of a challenge, he's tall and strong and she's fourteen. However...]


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